Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A bit of news


Ashley and I have been told by S. Gotharda that they would like us to teach! This was not what we were expecting, but we can see that this is where we have the most to offer them, so we are willing and beginning to plan. Mungu Akipenda, right? I will be teaching English and Ashley will be teaching a computer class, both at the secondary school for girls. We are both VERY nervous. English is so important for them to learn, that they are all very eager students. To continue in school, they must know English well because soon textbooks will only be in English. The importance only adds to the pressure for me. Especially given the limited supplies (I really only have a chalkboard), guidance (very little), and my Swahili (none). Though it is my lack of Swahili that they seem to be excited about because they think it will force them to learn it quicker. We will see, I guess. Last we heard S. Gotharda was planning on us teaching at the secondary school 3 days a week, at the primary school 1 day a week, and 1 day a week will be spent somewhere else at the monastery (gardening, bakery, soap-making, sewing etc.). I hope that this will keep us from burning out to quickly and keep our lives here more balanced enabling us to better serve the community here.

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